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Have your family issues escalated to the point of needing legal intervention? Make Michael Fink Law, PA your trusted family law firm. Attorney Michael Fink can handle divorce, child custody, child support and alimony cases in the Minneapolis, MN area. He can also fight for grandparent rights, file orders for protection, and harassment restraining orders.

Attorney Michael Fink will always fight for your best interests, no matter your legal needs. He’ll do his best to secure a satisfactory outcome. Contact a dependable family law attorney now to start working toward a solution to your family law matter.

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Going through a divorce can be an overwhelming process, especially if children are involved. However, you do not have to go through the divorce process alone. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney in Minneapolis, MN can help make the transition easier for you and your family. At the law firm of Michael Fink Law, we are dedicated to our clients and their legal family needs. As an exemplary divorce attorney in Minneapolis, MN, we will put all your doubts and concerns to rest.

We understand that divorce is not easy. There are numerous factors involved. From filing a dissolution of marriage to successfully finalizing your divorce, and everything else in between, we will guide you from the beginning to the end.

Divorce may be one of the hardest decisions to make, but it does not need to be the hardest process. Many people believe that divorces have to go through court, they don’t. Settling a divorce can be done outside of court through mediation or the collaborative divorce process. Deciding on an alternative method to court can be a lot less stressful. It can also be less costly and more time-efficient. However, if your case cannot be resolved outside of court, we are prepared to handle and litigate it. It is essential to enlist a committed divorce attorney in Minneapolis, MN, who is determined to protect your rights and interests. At Michael Fink Law, we are committed to resolving your legal family matters.

Child Custody

When parents separate or divorce, issues over child custody can lead to contentious disputes within the family. Parents may be in disagreement over the decisions that involve their children and their best interests. It can undoubtedly be one of the most emotional and heated battles that parents will ever face with each other. At Michael Fink Law, we are here to help with your child custody matters. It is crucial to seek an understanding Minneapolis, MN child custody attorney who knows how to reduce stress and solve the issues surrounding your particular child custody case.

Working with a skilled Minneapolis, MN child custody attorney who knows the ins and outs of the legal system can help explain the laws and processes that correspond to child custody cases. Your attorney can make sure that your children receive the support they need.

Child Support

At Michael Fink Law, family matters that include children are treated with compassion and care. We know that when children are involved, it is important to make sure that their needs are met on a continual basis. Seeking a compassionate child support attorney in Minneapolis, MN to help guide you and your family with child support issues is paramount. Children are protected under Minnesota law. Under the law, parents have the legal obligation to support their children. Enlisting an experienced child support attorney in Minneapolis, MN can help parents with the complex issues that affect child support cases.

In Minnesota, there are three types of child support (basic support, childcare support, and medical support). It is advised to counsel with a child support attorney in Minneapolis, MN to gain a better understanding of the different types of child support and all other child support matters.

Spousal Maintenance

Going through a divorce can cause mounting anxiety and stress. If you are worried about your financial life after divorce, you should contact a spousal maintenance attorney in Minneapolis, MN who can help evaluate your divorce case and determine your eligibility to receive spousal maintenance. At Michael Fink Law, we can assess your unique situation. We understand that it can be frightening to face uncertainty and the unknown position of whether you will have the financial support you need to get back on your feet. However, as your dedicated spousal maintenance attorney in Minneapolis, MN, we will aggressively represent your case and help you obtain favorable results.

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“I’ve been in the court system for around 3 years now and Michael has been my lawyer through it all. He’s taken care my struggles to get parenting time, helped with getting me a break in child support due to my circumstances, and the most important part he got me an evidentiary hearing. Michael is very experienced and will fight for you in court...”

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Dividing Property

It is essential to involve the expertise of a property division attorney in Minneapolis, MN to help guide you through the division of property process during a divorce. The division of property and assets can be successfully resolved outside of court. Whether a couple has a moderate amount of assets or a substantial amount, dividing property does not have to be a battle. Consulting with a property division attorney in Minneapolis, MN is highly recommended.

The division of property during a divorce can be grueling if you and your spouse cannot agree on how to distribute your assets. If you and your spouse ultimately cannot come up with a solution to the division of your property and assets, the matter may have to be taken to court. Your property division attorney in Minneapolis, MN can help determine the best approach toward resolving your division of property needs.

Prenuptial Agreements

Couples who are about to say “I do” can protect their finances and assets in the event that they decide to end their marriage. Discussing the ‘what ifs’ and considering a prenuptial agreement before the big day with a prenup attorney in Minneapolis, MN can help you obtain some peace of mind.

The reality is that life is uncertain, and sometimes it does not go as planned. The same can be said about marriage. When a marriage does not go as planned, and divorce is imminent, having a prenuptial agreement in place can help make the transition go quicker and smoother. Talking to a prenup attorney in Minneapolis, MN, about protecting your finances and assets before getting married is a wise move toward planning for your future in case a dissolution of marriage happens.


Every family dynamic is unique. Some families are traditional, while others are blended. Some are small, while others are large. In any case, when you are looking into growing your family, adopting a child may be a great option. Seeking an adoption attorney in Minneapolis, MN who understands your family’s needs and dynamics is imperative.

The process of adopting can be challenging. The decision to adopt comes with many legal complexities, and consulting an experienced and knowledgeable adoption attorney in Minneapolis, MN, to help you throughout your adoption journey is crucial. At the office of Michael Fink Law, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your dream of adopting.

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