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Find a Divorce Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Turn to a Compassionate Divorce Attorney in the Minneapolis Area. A divorce can be a long, complicated process. Make sure you have the right divorce attorney by your side. Michael Fink, of Michael Fink Law, PA, is a reputable divorce attorney in Minneapolis, MN. He can take on divorces with or without kids. Attorney Michael Fink will do his best to resolve your divorce in a way that’s beneficial to you. He’ll keep your best interests at the forefront throughout the case. Read more

Your Child Custody Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

Get Help Settling Parenting Time. It’s vital that your children’s needs are kept at the forefront of your divorce case. Michael Fink Law, PA will make sure your children’s best interests are in mind. He’s a trusted child custody attorney serving the Minneapolis, MN area.

Attorney Fink can help you figure out the best parenting time arrangement for your children. He’ll prepare a strong case that takes advantage of Minnesota laws. Attorney Fink can also fight for grandparent rights. Read more

Child Support Attorney in Minneapolis, MN

For child support representation in the Minneapolis area. Child support is largely based on the income of both parents, and the amount of parenting time or visitation that each one enjoys. Consult Michael Fink Law, PA to determine whether you are paying or receiving the proper amount of child support.

Is the other parent failing to pay their court ordered child support obligation? As a preferred child support attorney Michael Fink in Minneapolis, MN, will help you enforce, and collect the support your child deserves. Read more

Spousal Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

Get Professional Help with Alimony. Alimony laws are complicated. You should work with an attorney who not only keeps up with the changing trends, but can use those changes to your advantage. Call if you’re seeking spousal maintenance in the Minneapolis, MN area. Michael Fink will fight for the alimony you deserve. Attorney Fink will make sure you are awarded the share of property division, investment income, and retirement assets to which you are entitled. Read more

What is The Marital Estate in Minnesota and how is it Divided in a Divorce?

In Minnesota, the marital estate is made up of all assets and debts that were acquired during the course of the marriage. No matter who an asset is titled to, each spouse holds an equal interest. This means that your marital estate may include your 401(k) account as well as credit card debt that is in only your spouse’s name. The law in Minneapolis, MN considers marriage a civil partnership similar to a business partnership. When you join a partnership, each partner takes an equal interest in the ownership of the business and takes on an equal share of the liabilities of the business, even if only one partner incurred the business’s debt. Read more

Prenuptial Agreement Law in Minneapolis, Minnesota

If you plan to be married in the near future, you may want to consider visiting a prenuptial agreements attorney along with your other wedding planning activities. Prenuptial agreements are more common now than ever in history. More marrying couples each year choose to create a prenuptial agreement as a way to protect themselves from the possibility of an eventual divorce.

When you and your fiancé are considering a prenuptial agreement, it is important that you both understand prenuptial agreement law. While reading and researching on your own is a good way to start educating yourself about the process, nothing can replace customized advice from a prenuptial agreements attorney. Read more

Adoption in Minnesota: What You Need to Know

Adopting a child can involve a series of very complicated, expensive court proceedings and other requirements, including intense background checks, personal interviews, and being matched with a particular child through an adoption agency. It is never advised to begin a legal process as serious as adoption without taking the time to seek out an experienced adoption attorney in Minneapolis, MN to represent you. As a family law matter, the adoption process is regulated at the state level in Minnesota. While the intricacies in adoption law are incredibly important to realize, the life changing emotional aspect of becoming a parent through adopting a child into your family should not be overlooked. Read more

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