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"I’ve been in the court system for around 3 years now and Michael has been my lawyer through it all. He’s taken care my struggles to get parenting time, helped with getting me a break in child support due to my circumstances, and the most important part he got me an evidentiary hearing. Michael is very experienced and will fight for you in court. I just finished my last hearing for establishing a change in custody due to meeting a threshold and Michael was fantastic in the courtroom and due to his diligence on my case he was able to get me an evidentiary hearing. I’ve tried other lawyers before Michael and I will tell you that if you want to be represented correctly you need to call him as soon as possible. I can’t thank Michael enough for everything he was able to do as I was not able to see my son for years before he got involved. Please learn from my mistakes and hire him instead of wasting thousands of dollars on other lawyers!" Daniel
"Michael Fink helped me with my divorce. he did a great job. from the moment i sat down with him he gave me confidence in my choice I made to get a lawyer. everyone has their ways how they would like things to go but not always are they the right actions. Michael Fink showed me every out come of how a situation would go down if i chose to walk the road i wanted to walk. he didn't hold me back from my choices but in turn he provided me a clear thought of how to do things in a right legal way. Michael Fink provides a comfortable environment. always friendly and respectful. Even when he was neck-deep in paperwork he still finds time to get a hold of you for whatever question you had. I honestly didnt want to get a lawyer but after looking around an making a few phone calls an running into Michael i was happy i found him. our divorce went very well. we only had to go 1 time into court. He promised me a smooth divorce for my situation an smooth is how it went. once I provided him information on what he needed he was set we closed the deal smoothly. thank you, Michael."EDISON
"Michael Fink was responsive, trustworthy and knowledgeable. My case took over a year, but Michael kept me informed and was available to answer questions when needed."A Satisfied Client
"This man is a great lawyer! He is great at his job, he helped me with child support! I have been on both ends of paying and receiving support, and he did a great job on both!!! Thank You, Michael, for everything! You don't find fathers getting support often and you fought for me and did a great job!! You are in great hands with Michael Fink in your corner! He will fight for you with the laws backing him!!!"J.
"Michael Fink was my steady guide through the entire emotional process of divorce. He listened well and interpreted the legalese for me with patience and clarity. Mr. Fink kept my best long-term interests paramount in his strategy and I will be forever grateful for his excellent work on my behalf."A Satisfied Client
"Michael, & his firm did a great job representing me during a recent OFP proceeding. My wife surprised the heck out of me by filing the order of protection. There was nothing to support her case & the truth was on our side. With great prep & gathering of the facts & presenting them to the court, it resulted in the OFP being dismissed. It felt like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders as we walked out of court together. Unfortunately, my wife has since filed for divorce & I have retained Michael to continue representing me during the proceedings. I am encouraged by his firm's track record & hope for the best. If you are looking for a Lawyer & firm to fight for you this is it!"Doug
"I was falsely charged with an OFP case by my spouse. I hired Mr. Fink on short notice. He was professional, had a full grasp of the law and represented me with substance and integrity. The OFP was dismissed and we prevailed. Good Job!"A Satisfied Client
"Michael is knowledgeable about all aspects of family law and knows the system. Most importantly, Michael is completely current on statutory and case law. At one point, the opposing party's attorney cited a family law statute that was replaced by a different statute 15 years ago. I was actually embarrassed for the other party and I was so glad Michael was my attorney."Signe
"My Fiancé and I had just split up. I was already heartbroken and then, WHAM! I was served an Order for Protection. It was full of false accusations, but, I was scared. I was embarrassed. I was worried about what people would think, and worst of all, I had no idea what to do. So, I got ahold of Michael Fink. We went to court and we won. OFP lifted, case dismissed. I'd recommend him to someone based on that alone. However, and I think this is more important than his courtroom performance, Michael Fink was there for me when I needed support and guidance. I was going through the worst period of my life. I was stressed out. I couldn't sleep. I was an absolute wreck. But, there was Michael Fink inspiring confidence, imparting wisdom, and reassuring me. He was in my corner throughout the whole ordeal. He took my side and he fought for me. He is exactly the person you want on your corner- in and out of the courtroom, he knows exactly what to say."Mike P.
"I have contacted a couple of other Law offices but none of them took the time to explain to me the process thoroughly as Mr. Michael Fink did. After talking to Mr. Michael Fink on the phone for about twenty minutes, I have decided seem him in his office. After meeting him in person I have decided that he will be the right person to represent me in my marriage dissolution. My marriage dissolution ended as I expected it to be, because Mr. Michael didn't give me false promises and he walked me through the expectations that I need to have in my mind. He told me " it is like a marathon, and it can be slow sometimes", with that in mind, I was patient and hopeful with the process. After months of working with Mr. Michael Fink, I can say he was always accessible and prompt in his emails anytime anywhere, even when he was on vacation. I am very happy that I found him to represent me and I recommend anybody else who is looking for a good lawyer."A Satisfied Client